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At The Hit Joint Recording and Rehearsal Studio we record, engineer and produce bands and individual artists seeking a creatively cool scenespace to arrange and design your sound. With over 30 years cumulative experience, we have the knowledge and understanding to work with a wide array of styles. We also work with film makers, making it possible to compliment songs in TV, movies, radio and commercials.

We have an arsenal of gear from Marshall, Ludwig, Alesis, Roland, Shure, Line 6 etc. and have access to just about any equipment you might need, with enough advanced notice. So whether it be that Big Muff Fuzz pedal or a particular plug-in, we can provide. We also have in house and studio musicians if needed.

Other services provided are CD packages, band merch, artwork, radio spots etc.

Don't forget about our full backlined rehearsal spaces, click link for info Rehearsal Space at The Hit joint.

To make a reservation at The Hit Joint or if you have questions call us at 323.666.ROCK or you can email us at

Hours for recording are very flexible, just give us a call and speak with Mike or Chris, Thanks for checkin' us out!      THE HIT JOINT....


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